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 nom. m. sg. "r"

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nom. m. sg. "r" Empty
PostSubject: nom. m. sg. "r"   nom. m. sg. "r" EmptyMon Dec 15, 2014 4:34 pm

Just wondering if the r that appears at the end of words is voiced.

For instance: dapr 'sad [nom. m. sg.] would it be pronounce as dap + r or just as dap?
maðr 'man [nom. m. sg.]

I get that the nom. m. pl. "r" is voiced as in draugar. I assume that the nom. m. sg. draugr would also be voiced, otherwise how would you know that it was nom. while having a conversation.


By the way, does anybody even use this forum anymore?
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nom. m. sg. "r"
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